This site is dedicated to enhancing medical science education by focusing on the fundamental basic science underlying clinical practice.

Who should use this site

For now, this site is meant to serve premedical students studying for the MCAT and medical students looking for a quick refresher of undergraduate science.

Purpose of this site

As a resident, I would teach medical students, drawing diagrams by hand to explain diseases and their treatment. I noticed two problems. First, the ephemeral nature of those dry-erase board images made it so that I could help fewer students. Second, some students needed background information on undergraduate sciences which I provided as part of a verbal lesson. I wished for a way to collect all these miniature presentations I was making, with a connection all the way back to basic science. Since I began to tutor MCAT students, I found myself doing just that in a piecemeal fashion via Google Docs. Given this golden opportunity to begin writing a clear, concise review of fundamental concepts, I purchased this domain. These pages began as presentations for my individual students, but they have proliferated now to the point of approaching a complete review of tricky or important concepts in undergrad science.

How to use this site

Given that this assembling and integration of documents written for different students is an ongoing process, I have organized the navbar to the left into four different classes of documents, in decreasing level of integration:

Future Directions

Issues of authorship and content

I retain all rights to the text in this site unless explicitly noted, as these words are mine.  Feel free to link to the site, but do not display it within a frame on another site. The images were found using Google Image Search, and inserted using Google Docs, with links leading back to the original sites as a means of attribution. I make no claim to images that are not copyrighted as mine. If I have used copyrighted materials without attribution, I hereby attest that it was an honest and temporary mistake, as Google Docs seems to be dropping the links attached to images when exporting to HTML. I will reconnect those links to their original sources over time, and endeavor to verify the licenses of all images used or linked to in this site, replacing them with my own should they not be open source.


None of the information here constitutes medical advice. It is of a general, educational nature meant for students. Actionable medical advice must come from a healthcare practitioner who has entered into a provider-patient relationship with you. If you are ill or injured, please go see a doctor, or call emergency services (911 in the United States).