Site Revision History

10/10/14: Finalized some edits. Began to put a “Last Updated” line at the end of the content pages. Any page edited after 10/3 will bear this date stamp.

10/3/14: Unified some previous pages on solutions and vapor pressure into good review sheet on Phase Equilibria.

10/2/14: Revamped the GDocConverter yet again. Added drag-and-drop, batch conversion, and added Description transfer from previous versions (not exported as part of the Google Docs output.)

10/1/14: Unified the Optics pages, and expanded them to a complete chapter on Light and Optics.

9/30/14: In writing a blog post for US News, assembled a list of topics in each of the natural sciences foundational concepts ( ≈ subjects) that were removed or added.

9/28/14: In polishing up a review sheet, I realized I was writing a full book chapter on Acid-Base Chemistry. Finished it today. Updated the format of all the current pages via GDocConverter.

9/20/14: Took the plunge and rewrote the main code of the website layout from scratch, because the BlueGriffon code was reacting unpredictably with the output of GDocConverter.

9/19/14: Big Day:

9/18/14: Major stylistic coding hurdles cleared, preliminary site structure established.

9/13/14: Site first goes live, using BlueGriffon WSIWYG editor

6/20/14: Domain purchased.